Epinal, the « Cité de l’Image » in the very heart of the Vosges

Nicely nestled in lush greenery Epinal was built on the banks of the river Moselle. It is an ancient city, but also an attractice cultural centre which favours sports and leisure activities.

mosaique-epinalEpinal, a rich heritage.


With its exceptional natural environment, its omnipresent forest that enables  the city to rank first among the most forested cities in France, Epinal establishes itself as the realm of green spaces ,flowers, pedestrian and airy areas, cycle paths, harmoniously combining historical heritage, urban style, and quality of life.

Founded around 980 by the Bishops of Metz on the banks of the Moselle, today, the site of  Spinal is dominated by the ruins of its castle. Epinal keeps many architectural memories from its rich and tormented past : The Saint Maurice Basilica , one of the first examples of gothic art in Lorraine, the arcades of the Place des Vosges, a beautiful renaissance house called « du Bailli », the district of le Chapitre  at the foot of the wall, the church Notre -Dame au Cierge and its modern architecture.

After the human catastrophe of the 17th century wars , after the dismantling of the castle  by order of King Louis XIV, thus putting an end to the conflict between Lorraine and the kingdom of France, Epinal was reborn in the 18th century with the ceramic and paper trades and the development of imagery...The  images of Epinal made the city famous all over the world and still remain today the focus of all attention.

In the wake of the 1871 defeat and  the annexion of Alsace by Prussia, Epinal became a powerful stronghold and a welcome home for the textile manufacturers from Alsace.

Heavily impacted by mass destruction between 1940 and 1944, Epinal rebuilt itself once again to project  the image of a welcoming , human-sized city.Today Epinal is characterized by an industrial activity in full swing , and above all by tertiary services that make the city  a centre for economic decisions across the territory, in the heart of the Vosges. Its colourful façades , the Moselle that shapes the landscapes , its rich well preserved  historic quarter , its green areas , make Epinal a welcoming city taking advantage of a privileged geographical and environmental situation. A human-sized city , Epinal also   offers  a profusion of urban  facilities carefully avoiding all the inconveniences of modern life.

To make the most of your visit, stroll through the district « Le Chapitre » and dicover its canonical houses.Visit  the Basilica ,then admire La Place des Vosges, its arcades , and the House of the Bailli.

Use the footbrige to cross the Moselle, admire the place Pinau and its statue, walk through the commercial  streets for a shopping break.

Want to enjoy nature?Take a walk in the Parc du Cours, in the Port, in the Parc du Château or  get to our 5 minutes away, 480km long walking trails.


© JF Hamard

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