FORê l’Effet Vosges

The « Conseil Départemental des Vosges » has implemented a new concept for the « Département » and the massif of the Vosges: sylvo-therapy or forêt -therapy called « FORê l'effet l'Effet Vosges ». Nothing more natural in the Vosges than creating a range of products inspired by its forest ...and its abundance of natural ressources, hence the slogan « de l'arbre est née FORê »( FORê was born from the tree).

 FORê l’Effet Vosges


© CD88-Joëlle Laurençon - FORê Effet Vosges

© CD88-Joëlle Laurençon

Live the FORê experience

Discover the sylvo-therapy concept called  Forê l’effet Vosges consisting of three ranges of products inspired by the forest: Hotels and Residences ,Tastes and Flavours, Spa and well-being.

FORê Hotels and Residences

Hotel facilities designed and equipped to offer catering facilities based on products originating from FORê l’Effet Vosges and spa health cares using FORê l’Effet Vosges cosmetic products.

FORê Tastes and flavours

The food range from the FORê l’Effet des Vosges brand combines  some 45 products including  oils, vinegars, condiments, jams, honey, sweets, soft drinks, aperitifs, and essential oils.

FORê Spa and well-being:

A variety of products intented to take care of oneself.

An offer including 19 products ranging from floral waters, soaps, gels, oils and balms, to face and body care.

For your week-ends and stays in the Vosges, discover our selection of stays and activities  by experiencing a complete well-being treatment provided by the forest on our website

Find our fresh natural products with precious fruit, fine flowers, sweet plants and fir products  harvested mainly in the Vosges by consulting FORê l’effet Vosges

Where to stay

For owners wishing to join us, we accompany you in the success of your project, we are at your disposal for a quality welcome and certified accommodation for a successful holiday. Charline and Sebastien are at your disposal by phone from Monday to Friday or by email to advise you in your search and help you the best for an unforgettable stay. Unique rentals, cottages cosys, unusual for all tastes, for all styles.