Gallo-Roman city and birthplace of Joan of Arc

Domremy-la-Pucelle, Joan of Arc's native village, as Grand, the amphitheatre and the mosaic

mosaique-domremyJoan of Arc’s native house, and one of the greatest amphitheatres of the Roman Gaul

This house has been preserved, adorned and decorated with writings and sculptures along the centuries in memory of her heroic deeds.

The frontage witnesses the building’s six centuries of history while the four interior rooms, rather small and simple, invite you to reflect and remember the existence of a young girl who has become an internationally famous heroine.

The greatest amphitheatre of the Roman Gaul is monument dating from the 1st century is qualified in the 18th century as ‘extensive remains of an amphitheatre in Grand’.

In 1820 was carried the first archeological dig and the monument’s excavation started in 1963.

Up to 1981, 50,000 cubic metres of soil are removed, equivalent to some 600,000 wheelbarrows.

This edifice, which should have reach 25 metres high and welcomed about 17,000 spectators, is centred on an arena where gladiators and hunting animals fought.

An exceptional mosaic

The mosaic is a significant part of the Grand site. It has been unearthed in 1883 by Félix Voulot, curator of the Musée départemental des Vosges. Conserved in situ, this 232 square miles paved the ground of one of the basilica rooms. It is organised around a central feature, called an emblema. In 2009, it was restored to its original bright and fresh colours. The most significant objects which have been discovered since 1960 are exhibited around the mosaic.






Domremy – Maison natale de Jeanne d’Arc  © Conseil Général des Vosges
Grand – Amphithéâtre © Conseil Général des Vosges, C. Voegelé
Grand – Mosaïque © Conseil Général des Vosges, B. Prudhomme

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