Gastronomy and local products

Our two « départements » offer a wide range of local products to prepare your meals from A to Z. After a good walk on the mountains, be ready to taste the typical menu of the farm-inns (fermes auberges): the famous « repas marquaire » (farm meal ). After a little glass of local wine , start with a « quiche lorraine » or « a pâté lorrain », then give yourself a treat to an andouille from le Val d'Ajol served with potatoes and accompanied by a local wine , continue with a piece of Munster cheese , goat-cheese or tomme cheese. End on a sweet note with a mirabelle or bilberry tart .To digest there is nothing like a traditional eau-de-vie.


A specialty to meet every desire

Doc1All our local specialties  are waiting for you from morning to night.

Gingerbread , traditional toasts with dandelion flower jam, bilberry or  blueberry jam, elderberry jelly with a glass of apple juice for breakfast . For lunch what would you say to a « vol au vent » stuffed with snails, a trout in wine from Toul, or frog legs, some cheese and macaroons from Nancy for dessert ?

In the evening ,let’s meet in a farmhouse-inn to indulge in a typical farm meal: slices of smoked pork meat and « chique » (white cheese with herbs).Roigebrageldi are  a must(sliced potatoes cooked 2 or 3 hours in butter with onions and bacon).

Those who have a sweet tooth will take their pick in the sweetshops of Plainfaing, La Bresse, Gérardmer or Darney; they will also enjoy the famous bergamotes from Nancy and their unique delicious flavour. If you are fond of beer, come and visit the brewery of the Lorraine Brewers  in Pont -à- Mousson or the Ecomusée of  Ville -Sur- Illon brewery.

Other specialties are waiting for you, so come and discover them for a week-end or a short stay.

In the Vosges 150 local products can pride of the « Vosges terroir » label.They have all been tested  and approved by a jury.

Where to stay

For owners wishing to join us, we accompany you in the success of your project, we are at your disposal for a quality welcome and certified accommodation for a successful holiday. Charline and Sebastien are at your disposal by phone from Monday to Friday or by email to advise you in your search and help you the best for an unforgettable stay. Unique rentals, cottages cosys, unusual for all tastes, for all styles.