Lunéville, the largest castle in eastern France, is one of the main symbols of the history of Lorraine during the 18th century, with the reign of Léopold and then Stanislas Leszczynski. The walking tour will introduce you to Saint Jacques Church, the Synagogue and Theater…

mosaique_lunevilleLunéville and his Château

Lunéville is the Château of the last dukes of Lorraine. Now it became the most important building works site in Europe. The renovated rooms are open all year for visits, exhibitions and walks in Bosquets Park.

Saint Jacques Church

Unique in Europe, the only known organ with concealed pipes is an outstanding example of Baroque art of the 18th century and Émilie du Châtelet is buried.

This 18th century Merchant’s House was built for a supplier of foreign spices and exotic foods to the Court of King Stanislas Leszczynski. The synagogue was the first to be built in France since the 13th century. St Joan of Arc’s Church is the largest monument in her honour in the world. Many permanent or temporary exhibitions present the Earthenware Factories of Lunéville-Saint Clément, a renowned Craft that continues this ancient tradition. As the Embroidery Museum which will lead you to the Fashion design where Lunéville has its speciality: the point of Lunéville.

Military Heritage of 1914

During those first few weeks at the beginning of the Great War, French and German troops fought fiercely for the mastery of this outlook point, with control changing hands up to 8 times in one single night. Close to Lunéville a memorial commemorating this dreadful conflict is placed on the summit and a pathway links the site to the Mouton Noir-Frescati necropolis and WW1 museum housed in the Espace Muséal Chaubet.


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