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“Musée de l’Image” in Epinal

In Epinal, the "Musée de l'Image" contains a collection of more than 100 000 French and foreign images dating from the 17th century to the present.With its diverse and inventive exhibitions, blending ancient and modern art, the museum takes you back in time through our own history.

mosaique-musee-image - © H Rouyer © JF Hamard

© H Rouyer © JF Hamard

The “Musée de l’Image”, a unique collection to take an original outlook at our society

Ancient images…


In Epinal , the production of images dates back to the 18th century to reach its climax in the course of the 19th century maily thanks to the Pinot and Pellerin imageries .

In 2003, the city of Epinal decided to create the Musée de l’Image. It has received the Musée de France Award and is located right next to L’Imagerie d’Epinal.The two venues complement eachother to form the Cité de l’Image .

The building shelters one of the most important collection of popular images from the 17th century to the present, printed in Epinal but also in other French « Imageries » (Nancy, Metz, Paris, Wissembourg…)or foreign « Imageries » Germany, Belgium, India, Japan…). Children’s pictures , riddles, images  of saints, images of Napoleon, images of the first world war : the « Imagerie » has illustrated everything, and the museum invites you to dicover the richnesss  of its productions in the different exhibitions.

Thus, it sheds a light on the society that produced or bought those images and contributes to an understanding of its history, its tastes, or its customs.


...and modern prints in perfect complicity.


Comparing popular images with other works-modern photos, paintings, but also musical or literary works – the museum’s aim is to question the surprising relationships , sometimes more  obvious than it seems,  between the pictures of today and those of  yesterday. There you will see the contemporay works of Karen Knorr, Corinne Mercadier, Teun Hocks …but also of  other artists from schools of art in  eastern France such as Jochen Gerner, Frédérique Bertrand, Claire Hannicq, Loren Capelli, Grégoire Carlé…


With your family or with your friends…


With diverse and various exhibitions mixing ancient and modern art , the Musée de l’Image makes you travel in time through local  history.

Thanks to thematic exhibitions, events, and children’s exploration books , if you couple your visit with that of the worshops of l’Imagerie (a ticket for La Cité de l’Image:museum + imagerie ), you will spend an eventful  day…

Please note: Every year the city of Epinal organizes the Chemin des Images, an art tour between the Musée de l’Image and the Musée Départemental d’Art ancien et Contemporain.There you will see the works of artists inspired by the collections of the Museum


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